Dale Farm – in solidarity

August 27, 2011

Save Dale Farm

Save Dale Farm Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JAyI-oB5dc

Dale Farm is the largest Travellers site in the whole of the UK. 52 of the plots (over half) have been deemed illegal by Basildon Council, which is intent on evicting the Travellers from the site. £18million has been set aside for this eviction, which is a third of the Council’s annual budget. Spending this amount of money to make hundreds homeless is particularly cruel and absurd in the current period of ‘austerity’ when 100 Basildon Council jobs are likely to be axed to help the local authority cope with budget cuts which will leave it £2.3 million short.

The eviction will involve forcibly removing the residents – young and old, the sick and the disabled, from the site. The Travellers have not been given the option to move to culturally adequate housing (Irish Travellers are recognised by British law as an ethnic group). The community have said they would happily leave if provided with appropriate sites, but Basildon Council has refused to provide them. They are happy to spend millions on making these individuals homeless, but where is the money for culturally adequate housing, for the healthcare and schooling denied to those evicted?

Let’s put this in perspective: can you imagine Basildon Council using a third of its budget on youth centres, on keeping the local libraries open, on care for the elderly…?

For more information: http://dalefarm.wordpress.com/about/

On the 5th August, the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to adequate housing, and the UN Independent Expert on minority issues called for an agreement on relocation that conforms with international human rights standards. The council intend to cut off water and electricity supplies to the plots during the eviction, which may endanger those trying to protect their homes.
For the Amnesty International Urgent Appeal: http://www.amnesty.org/en/library/asset/EUR45/013/2011/en/0faf8cdd-f5a1-4024-af41-5a26f21d51a5/eur450132011en.html

Camp Constant

We look forward to seeing everyone August 27th-29th at Dale Farm for a long weekend of workshops, skillsharing, and celebration! This marks the start of Camp Constant, our human rights monitoring center that residents of Dale Farm have encouraged us to set up — they have been given until midnight, August 31st to abandon their homes or face the bulldozers, and we will be maintaining a constant presence at Dale Farm in solidarity with them.

See http://dalefarm.wordpress.com/activity for more details.


The eviction is expected sometime in September, and keeping a constant presence there does cost money.
If you or anyone you know can make a donation, please do so here:

Even small amounts help, and please forward this request to your friends or any lists you are on.

And most importantly, come down to Dale Farm for the Solidarity Weekend Aug. 27-29th, or sign up to spend some nights there in September https://smsalerts.tachanka.org/dalefarm/