‘Stop the sell-off’: Whittington Hospital board abandons public session as campaigners wearing black cat masks chant ‘resign’ – Islington Tribune, 26/04/2013

Chief operating officer of the Whittington Hospital resigns – Islington Gazette, 25/04/2013

No eviction’ pledge over bedroom tax, as tenants with nowhere to go are told they will be allowed to stay on – Islington Tribune, 22/03/2013

Whittington paying £400k a year to rent building that was sold to off-shore company, – Islington Tribune, 08/03/2013

Shocking figures show one in three children living in poverty in Islington – Islington Gazette, 28/02/2013

Bedroom tax ‘will make thousands of disabled people £700 worse off’ – The Guardian, 06/03/2013

Whittington Hospital baby death: act now to prevent more tragedies, pleads mother who lost her son – Evening Standard, 01/03/2013

Ham&High’s Hands Off Our Whittington hopsital campaign launches to resounding support – Ham&High, 26/02/2013

Exclusive blog: Whittington Hospital has a legacy which cannot be trampled on, says Tottenham MP – Tottenham Journal, 17/02/2013

SAVE OUR WHITTINGTON: ‘It’s time to act!’ – Camden New Journal, 14/02/2012

Hospital’s debt bill – Camden New Journal, Letters, 22/07/2011

If You Love the NHS – Wake Up and Act – Scriptonite Daily, 14/02/2013

Homeless Families Living in £3000 Per Week Hotels Due to Housing Benefit Reforms – jonnyvoid blog, 08/02/2013

MPs kept in the dark over Whittington sell-off – Islington Tribune, 01/02/2013

Act now to save the NHS – The Guardian, letters, 30/01/2013

Council united in fight to save London fire stations – Islington Council, 25/01/2013

Whittington Hospital: ‘Shock’ over site cut plans – BBC London Online, 29/01/2013

Welfare: get ready for a war over benefits – The Guardian, 01/01/2013

The myth of the £104,000 housing benefit claimants – The Independent, 16/01/2013

Students in tears after London Metropolitan University slashes courses by 70 per cent – Islintgon Gazette, 20/04/2011

Elderly will miss the Plus Bus as cash for their ‘lifeline’ service is axed – Islington Tribune, 18/03/2011

Islington’s councillors urged to join march against government cuts – Islington Tribune, 18/03/2011

Hollow victory for Highbury day centre users – Islington Gazette, 15/03/2011

PlusBus will stop in Islington in June – Islington Gazette, 14/03/2011

Battling pensioners celebrate success that Sotheby Mews Day Centre will stay open – Islington Tribune, 11/03/2011

Islington Arts and Media School teachers to vote on strike – Islington Tribune, 11/03/2011

Attack on ‘scaremongering’ over ‘at-risk’ London Metropolitan University – Islington Tribune, 11/03/2011

Cuts: Islington’s African-Caribbean youngsters ‘need help from elders’ – Islington Tribune, 11/03/2011

Islington Council leader blames ‘vindictive’ coalition as £52m axe falls – Islington Tribune, 25/02/2011

Calls for united front against cuts after police clear protesters from Town Hall – Islington Tribune, 25/02/2011

We were right to call police to Islington Town Hall, says Labour council chief – Islington Gazette, 23/02/2011

Doing the best we can with a terrible deal from the government – Cllr Jessica Asato on Labour List, 19/02/2011

Sham politics: Islington protesters ejected from council cuts meeting – Counterfire, 19/02/2011

Cops drag public out of Islington Council cuts meeting – Indymedia London, 18/02/2011

Islington Council forced to pass budget in secret session – Right to Work Campaign, 18/02/2011

Hospital beds crisis – Camden New Journal, 17/02/2011

Finsbury Health Centre patients urged to rally to defence of historic building – Islington Tribune, 18/02/2011

Anti-cuts protest at Barclays bank in Upper Street – Islington Tribune, 18/02/2011

Angry demonstration at Islington Town Hall as cuts are voted through – Islington Tribune, 18/02/2011

Video: Police called as Islington cuts vote turns to chaos – Islington Gazette, 18/02/2011

Union to lead march against Islington Council cuts tonight – Islington Gazette, 17/02/2011

IHOOPS marchers urge council to resist budget cuts – Islington Tribune, 11/02/2011

Day centre wins battle to stay open – Islington Tribune, 11/02/2011

£200,000 to secure Gay and lesbian advice centre – London Friend seeks survival cash – Islington Tribune, 11/02/2011

Parents ready for merger fight – Islington Tribune, 11/02/2011

Jobs axe threat at Robert Blair School  – Islington Tribune, 11/02/2011

Islington Strikes Back against Cuts – Demotix, 05/02/2011

Priced out of justice – Islington Tribune, 04/02/2011

Cuts protestors to march from Holloway to Islington Green – Islington Gazette, 04/02/2011

Take to the streets – Rallying call to Islington residents as council announces a £52milion cuts programme – Islington Tribune, 04/02/2011

Finsbury and Islington buses for elderly face axe – Islington Gazette, 02/02/2011

Has Neil Kinnock broken rank over cuts? – Islington Tribune, 28/01/2011

Welfare rights officers win reprieve – Islington Tribune, 28/01/2011

Neil Kinnock backs Islington cuts protest – Islington Gazette, 24/01/2011

Cuts will have a disproportionate impact on women, say campaigners – Islington Tribune, 21/01/2011

Leaflet campaign offers ‘an ethical alternative’ to customers fed up with bonus revelations  – Islington Tribune, 21/01/2011

Education Secretary promises an explanation for EMA cut – Islington Tribune, 21/01/2011

Housing offices sold, but will jobs go next? – Islington Tribune, 21/01/2011

Nature lovers warn that loss of staff could let drug users move in – Islington Tribune, 21/01/2011

Islington and City Credit Union target customers in war on rich banks – Islington Tribune, 14/01/2011

Camden and Islington’s mental health patients to be cared for in ‘virtual hospital’ – Islington Tribune, 14/01/2011

Women take to Chapel Market in campaign against cuts – Islington Gazette, 13/01/2011

Day centre for elderly and help for housebound axed by Islington Council – Islington Tribune, 31/12/2010

Coverage of Vodafone protest at the Angel – BBC Radio 4, 30/12/2010

Biggest cash cut in capital hits ‘the poorest hardest’ – Islington Tribune, 29/12/2010

Vodafone closure campaign – Tax-dodging protest began over a pint in Nag’s Head pub – Islington Tribune, 29/12/2010

Planned cuts to legal aid a ‘potential disaster for poor’ – Islington Tribune, 24/12/2010

Call for mass rally against cuts – Islington Tribune, 24/12/2010


Warning of ‘violence on streets’ in the wake of public sector cuts – Islington Tribune, 17/12/2010

Islington Council leader Catherine West backs protest over her own cuts – Islington Tribune, 17/12/2010

ConDem reforms will destroy the NHS – Islington Tribune, 17/12/2010

Vodafone shop in Angel closed by protest over unpaid tax – Islington Tribune, 17/12/2010

Teenager: ‘Police whacked anyone’ at the tuition fees demonstration in Parliament Square – Islington Tribune, 17/12/2010

Students defiant as court ruling ends occupation at London Metropolitan University – Islington Tribune, 17/12/2010

Voluntary groups issue warning as Islington Council announce plans to cap funding – Islington Tribune, 16/12/2010

Islington’s care-in-the-community social workers face axe and a trebled workload – Islington Tribune, 16/12/2010

Hundreds march through Islington against government cuts – Islington Gazette, 16/12/2010

Protests stop traffic as students march on through Islington – Islington Tribune, 10/12/2010

London Met Uni’s finance chief’s office occupied – Islington Tribune, 10/12/2010

Cuts hit list: How the axe could fall – Islington Tribune, 10/12/2010

Hundreds of Islington students join tuition fees protest – Islington Gazette, 09/12/2010

Christmas cuts shock in Islington – Islington Gazette, 09/12/2010

Islington’s £100million cuts will devastate young and old – Islington Gazette, 09/12/2010

Anti-cuts protest to target Tories’ carol service – Islington Tribune, 03/12/2010

Appeal launched as charity seeks to save its home – Islington Tribune, 03/12/2010

Support worker for vulnerable youngsters fights to save his job – Islington Tribune, 03/12/2010

Leak reveals 282 posts at risk – Islington Tribune, 03/12/2010

Poorer students could be put off by fees, university boss admits – Islington Gazette, 29/11/2010

Town hall protest by Islington teachers – Islington Gazette, 26/11/2010

Freightliners Farm fears a ram raid on funding – Islington Tribune, 26/11/2010

Jobs axe falls hardest on the high-earners at Islington Council – Islington Tribune, 26/11/2010

Student protests inspire march through Islington – Islington Gazette, 25/11/2010

‘£22m bill to move Archway Tower civil servants’ – Islington Tribune, 19/11/2010

Coalition spending axe ‘means £4,000 cuts for every home’ – Islington Tribune, 19/11/2010

Islington schools’ rebuild budget could be slashed – Islington Gazette, 05/11/2010

Protest rally against government’s cuts – Pensions: it will end in tears – Islington Tribune, 29/10/2010

‘We’ll resist social cleansing’ – Threat of Council rents to increase – Islington Tribune, 29/10/2010

Anti-cuts protesters march on Whitehall – Islington Tribune, 22/10/2010

Many Islington services will go, warns council leader – Islington Gazette, 21/10/2010

Dutch news programme featuring cuts in Islington, RTL Nieuws, 20/10/2010

Crisis talks loom over Freedom Pass – Islington Tribune, 15/10/2010

Follow Europe onto streets, cuts protesters told – Islington Tribune, 01/10/2010

As Con-Dem cuts bite, it’s up to everyone to join fight – Islington Tribune, 17/09/2010

‘Can we have our playgrounds back?’ – Islington Tribune, 20/08/2010

Protesters’ fury as £7m budget cuts go through – Islington Tribune, 31/07/2010

Islington Council’s united front against government’s housing benefits cuts – Islington Tribune, 30/07/2010


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