Video on why the People’s Assembly

June 19, 2013

IHOOPS is supporting the People’s Assembly Against Austerity that takes place on Saturday, 22 June.

This video shows why we need it,


Tactics for the anti-austerity movement
A wide variety of tactics including strikes, mass demonstrations, direct action, legal action and online organising have already been put to good use in the anti-austerity movement. In this session, with plenty of input from the floor, we’ll consider the strengths and weaknessess of these different forms of action and brainstorm ideas for how they can be joined up in the future to maximise impact.

What cuts are doing to emergency services, local government and the communities they serve
The government aims to cut 30% of local council budgets by 2015. Big cuts are also hitting emergency services. In a few years time, councils may only provide social services, street cleaning and refuse collection, whilst privatisation, of the sort happening in Barnet, has implications for local democracy. What action can we take to defend our local services?

The climate change threat and one million climate jobs

Protecting the NHS: stopping cuts, privatisation and closures
This session, hosted by Keep Our NHS Public, raises the importance of the move to privatise the NHS. The Coalition’s 2012 Health and Scoal Care Act forces local health commissioners, the Clinical Commissioning Groups, to put services out to tender. John Lister’s political analysis shows why this is happening and who gains, GP Dr David Wrigley talks about how it is affecting patients and what you can do to influence your CCG, and Gill George calls for fellow NHS workers to back resistance. Dr Wendy Savage, President of KONP, will chair the session.

Welfare not Warfare
The government is spending billions on war in Afghanistan while it wields the austerity axe on benefits, housing, health and education. Spending on the Trident nuclear submarine system is protected while libraries close and public sector workers see wage cuts. The wars of the past decade have had a terrible cost in human life and money, yet the government is planning to intervene again. How can we ensure money currently spent on arms and war is instead used to create equality and justice here and abroad?

Immigration is not to blame – countering racism, Islamophobia and the far right

Stand up against the cuts: comedy and performance
Comedy and performance from some of the UK’s most passionate and politically-engaged performers, including Mark Thomas, Josie Long and the Birmingham poet laureate.

Democracy and decision-making: fixing our broken political system

The next step: creating local People’s Assemblies

 Defending our welfare state
The Welfare State was created 65 years ago by a Labour government swept to office by millions who had fought in a war and then wanted to fight poverty. They did not want a return to the 30s. Deep austerity is bringing back mass poverty while the rich are getting richer. How can we recapture the “spirit of 45” of social solidarity to fight for our welfare state, public services, and the NHS? Clips from Ken Loach’s new film “The Spirit of 45” will be shown.

The economics of anti-austerity: jobs, investment and tax justice

Protecting public education
With youth unemployment at an all-time high, privatisation hitting schools, colleges and universities and life-long leaning looking like a thing of the past, this session seeks to reflect on the consequences of the attacks on public education and to discuss how we can unite in defence of it. Speakers will address the riots of summer 2011, teachers’ strike action, university student occupations and the battle to bring back the education maintenance allowance, with plenty of time for contributions from the floor.

The Hardest Hit


Islington People’s Assembly – THE VIDEO

November 2, 2011