#Islington’s one-day #industrial action, Thursday 10 July

July 8, 2014


We are now into the final few days before the huge strike for our demand of £1.20 an hour in London and £1 an hour elsewhere.

As you know this is a one day on Thursday 10 July.

The strike for us is based on our just pay demand of £1.20 an hour in London and £1 an hour in the rest of the country. It is vital to reiterate this and the employer has offered 1%!

All the major Local Government unions: UNISON , GMB and Unite are out and the NUT is out in the schools as well. UNISON leaflets and postcards etc have been dropped at all major workplaces and the rest will go today. If you need more then email me or phone the office or Tweet us. All details at bottom of this.

There will be picket lines at all major sites, and a local rally around 10.30 on the town hall steps. There is a flyer for the London wide rally. This is assembling outside the BBC at 11.30 to march to Trafalgar Square for a rally at 1pm

The strike will be joined by several other major trade unions including the PCS and FBU all fighting for pay rises or against attacks on their pensions as well. Hence the Civil service and firefighters are out with us and the teachers.

It will be a huge day for us all.

We will update the branch blog shortly with all information and the URL is at the end of this communique.

We also have a twitter page now so please follow us. Info at the bottom of this.
Sandwiches and drinks will be bought round to each picket line and there will be either a fire engine or open topped bus touring the borough. The national union bus will tour the boroughs as well.

You may also have seen the ad on the bottom right of the front page of the Islington Tribune on Friday as well.

The branch has also produced a postcard for use in workplaces and with the public.

If you are not a UNISON member and receive this please consider joining.

Can all reps and stewards ensure that all members receive this communique please?

Good luck and see you on Thursday
Comradely Greetings
Jane Doolan Branch Secretary
Mike Calvert Deputy Branch Secretary
Islington UNISON Local Government Branch

http://islingtonunison.blogspot.com and http://strike2014.webs.com

Phone: 0207 527 8298

Twitter: @IslingtonU77