Lobby the #Whittington Board: HITCHINS AND KOH HAVE GOT TO GO!

Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition

Lobby on Wednesday 8 January, 1.30pm, outside the Whittington Hospital

We are horrified that Steve Hitchins has been appointed as Chair of the Hospital Board. He was Lib Dem leader of Islington Council for several years. He has been working with private sector companies, contracting them for health services: see http://www.localleadership.gov.uk/future/specialadvisers/

There are two main reasons for our concerns at this appointment:

i. Steve Hitchin’s links with private health care… at a time when our NHS is under threat of privatisation and cuts from this Government, through their Health and Social Care Act. He is a member of a party that supports this decimation of the NHS. He is a board member of Newlon Housing Trust and chairs their regeneration charity Newlon Fusion. He also works with a number of private sector companies principally contracting with local government or the health service. Is this the kind of person we want to be responsible for our NHS, our hospital and our health service provision?

ii. Steve Hitchin’s reputation amongst his own party: see http://susannelamido.blogspot.co.uk/2006/08/islington-knives-are-out-for-steve.html, written by a Lib Dem!

We wonder why Dr Koh is still in post having led the Board through such a wrecking and disastrous plan to slash the hospital in its bid to become a Foundation Trust.

So do join us outside the main entrance of the Hospital on Wednesday 8th January at 1.30pm. This is OUR hospital. We need it to provide a positive environment and to meet our health needs, under a publicly funded system, not under a system that pours money for health into shareholders’ profits.

See you there! And do pass this on to everyone you know!


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