Defend #Whittington backs anti-Tory demo

Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition will be holding:

  • A public meeting on Thursday 19 September
  • Transport to the National Save our NHS Demonstration on Sunday 29 September

Update on Whittington Hospital

Our Stop the Sell-off campaign was largely successful, as the hospital is now going for a growth model, and not selling off as many buildings as originally planned.


i)  The early discharge element is of serious concern, as it depends on people having a good support environment for after care. This is not the case in our area, where there are increasingly high levels of single occupancy,  deprivation, elderly, lone parents, carers and mental illness. At a time where care for these people is decreasing early discharge may not be in their best well-being interest.

ii) Dependence on community health resources. The whole concept of Whittington Health is dependent on the Hospital winning bids, which they may or may not win, in this nasty, privatised, competitive, commissioning environment. If, for example, they lose the bid next year for Haringey Community health services, what happens to their Foundation Trust plans?

Local Public Victory Meeting at 7pm, Thursday 19 September, at Archway Methodist Hall.

Speakers include local MPs Jeremy Corbyn and Emily Thornberry, speaker from the Hospital Board to update us, BMA executive member and Whittington consultant – Dr Jacky Davis, Chair of Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign – Dr Louise Irvine, and we are hoping that Charlotte Monro, suspended Whipps Cross Hospital Unison Chair, will also join us.

Please help us to promote this meeting through the attached leaflet, which you can display on your window, give to friends, neighbours and colleagues, or collect piles for distribution from Whittington Community Centre in Yerbury Road, N19 – collectable from next Tuesday.

Save our NHS Demonstration at Tory Party Conference in Manchester on Sunday 29 September

The problems at the WhittingtonHospital stem from the Government’s Health and Social Care legislation, forcing all hospitals to become foundation trusts by the end of next year, and from their austerity measures. This has affected other hospitals through the necessity for massive PFI repayments for which they are inadequately funded. Privatisation is at the heart of this Act and will cause massive downgrading of our health services as our health monies go to shareholders instead of meeting health needs.

The demonstration is focused around these issues. So it would be great of we could have a strong Whittington contingent on our coach. Tickets cost £10, and £5 for concessions.  Please let us know if you can come.

Look forward to seeing at the above events. Thanking you for your support to Stop the Sell off of at the Whittington, and of our NHS.

Bernard Berhman

It is with great sadness that we have to report that Bernard Berhman, a supporter of DWHC, died in the WhittingtonHospital almost two weeks ago. Bernard was an active supporter of the campagin, and we send his family and friends our thanks and deep condolences.

Shirley Franklin
Chair Defend the WhittingtonHospital Coalition


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