#Islington #SaveTheWhittington update, 3 May

No alternatives heard in hospital’s public meetings

As the Whittington Hospital Board’s damage limitation period continues in advance of their further FT application, reports of their ‘listening to the public’ meetings are clear.

The Board claim the meetings have been ‘successful’, yet many of them have had just 5 or 6 people in attendance, many of whom are involved in the campaign to stop the sell-off. The meetings don’t allow for discussion of alternative options, but demonstrate that the Board continue to be fully committed to the sell-off and are not interested in listening to alternative viewpoints.

And now Joe Liddane says the Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition (DWHC) are not interested in talking to them. We organised the meeting of nearly 600 people as soon as we heard the news, to which the Board were invited, and where everyone, bar 3 people and themselves, voted against the sell-off. They use a picture of our meeting in their newsletter!

We have sent Joe Liddane questions to which we would like answers. But we will not hear him out in private.

We are confused that he is proud of the now £3 plus million plus surplus, made through “efficiencies”. What “efficiencies” are these? How efficient is it to cut back our health resources and reduce hospital care?

Meanwhile four Senior Managers at the Hospital have resigned….

WE remain opposed to the sell-off and demand the retention of ALL our hospital services.

18 May Demonstration

We are supporting this demonstration because we know that any cut in one hospital has an impact on other hospitals. And a lot of hospitals in London are suffering serious cuts. We will be more effective if we have a united campaign. So please help us to bring people to this demo by leafleting. You will find leaflets, as ever, in the Whittington Park Community Centre in Yerbury Road, currently they have all been used but we will be re-stocking as soon as we have more. You can email us to check if you are planning to collect.

Many thanks go to Tony Marshall for his fantastic transformation of the DWHC website, restoring it to a brilliant campaign resource, thanks for all your hard work Tony. Do pay a visit if you have not already, there are photos and videos of recent actions and your feedback on the site is welcome. You can also leave a comment on any issue of the campaign, just click on one of the headings at the top of the page and scroll down.

Planning Meeting this Monday 6 May

Our agenda includes:  Reports of 24 April Day of Action; Update on Whittington Hospital; Future activities – 18 May, leafleting, stalls, banners, placards, social, benefit gig, delegation of roles in DWHC. Plus other items that you think are important

Wednesday 8 May showing of Ken Loach  film ‘Spirit of ‘45’ 7pm, West Green Learning Centre N17

Do get in touch with us, ask other people to join us, come to our planning meeting, stay engaged in this important campaign.

Shirley Franklin, Chair, Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition

http://www.dwhc.org.uk <http://www.dwhc.org.uk/&gt;



Facebook Pages

Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/243554475615/

Please sign the petition to stop the Whittington Hospital Sell-off!



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