#SavetheWhittington Update

Just before the Easter break angry Whittington community members again asked the Board to stop the sell-off and told them what they think of their horrible plans. This was a tuneful and vociferous protest, and delayed Board procedings for an hour. Yet again the Board refused to respond to our question of whether they will halt the sell-off.

Even Health Minister Jeremy Hunt is saying that Hospital Boards should not make too many cuts in their plans to get Foundation Trust status. He also said they should consult with patients. Our Board has not consulted, only informed.

It is Hunt’s Government’s legislation that has created the need for Foundation Trust status – to make the Hospital into a business unit that can be privatised. This, together with the underfunding of the NHS, has caused the Board to propose these disgusting sell-off plans. We still ask them to join us and not to make the cuts, not to sell off our hospital land, jobs and beds.

What’s next?
We hope you will ALL join us on our Day of Action on Wednesday 24th April to protest against the Sell-off and to encourage people to come to the all London Hospitals Demonstration on 18th May. Please encourage your unions and colleagues to join you in a lunch/break time protest at your workplaces, schools, GP surgeries, health centres, libraries (cat mask and cards attached), and distribute the cards for 18th May. Please let us know when and where you will be doing this and send your photos to this email address. We hope to leave Stop the Sell off placards at the Whittington Community Centre for you to collect a few days before the 24th.


Leaflets for Day of Action From 9.30am tomorrow Friday 5th April you can find leaflets to distribute for the Day of Action, cat masks and cards for the 18th May demonstration at the reception at Whittington Park Community Centre, Yerbury Road, N19 during office hours – access to reception can also be gained via the cafe (entrance to toilets) on Saturdays.

We will also be holding a Rally at 1.00 outside the Hospital and then Mass-lobby of the Board at the Board Meeting at 2pm. It would be great if you could join us! Again bedecked in cat mask, etc!!!

Planning Meeting
Do join us at our planning meeting at 7.00 pm this Monday 8th April, at Archway Methodist Hall.


Shirley Franklin


Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition




Please sign the petition to stop the Whittington Hospital Sell-off!



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