Housing Benefits public meeting, 19 March

IHOOPs is holding a public meeting about housing benefis and the bedroom tax in March.

  • What is the government doing to Benefits?
  • How can we campaign against it?

Public meeting on 19 March at 7.00pm.

Walter Sickert Community Centre, Canonbury Crescent N1 2FB (off Essex Road). Near Essex Road Station. Buses 56, 38, 73, 476 + 341


  • Jeremy Corbyn – Labour MP
  • Eileen Short – Defend Council Housing
  • Pilgrim Tucker  – Unite Community, London & Eastern Co-ordinator
  • Tracey Lazard – CEO of Inclusion London, Deaf & Disabled Peoples Org
  • John McInally – PCS, National Vice President
  • Richard Greening – Council Deputy Leader

The government is making huge changes to the benefit system in April that will hit everybody on low incomes.

Why are they doing this?  How will these changes affect you and your family? What can we do to stop them?

Bedroom tax:

  • affecting people in social housing who the government says have a spare room
  • cuts of between 12% and 25% of Housing Benefit
  • Household Benefit Cap will start in September
  • Council Tax Benefit being cut in April
  • working age families will get 8% less this year and 18% less next year
  • Disability Living Allowance phased out and replaced by Personal Independence Payment (PIP).
  • from September all claimants with disabilities will be reassessed
  • Means testing Child Benefit
  • Social Fund Payments ends, to be replaced by an inferior scheme.

These changes to the benefit system will push many people into debt, poverty and crisis – with problems of arrears and people losing their homes. The government’s austerity cuts are destroying local public services, and far from fixing our economy the measures are driving us into further recession, low pay and joblessness. Ian Duncan Smith’s Welfare Reform Act is designed to cut 20% from the benefit system.  Already the gap between the rich and the poor in Britain is wider now than when Charles Dickens wrote Oliver Twist.

The banking and economic crisis was not caused by us, so why are we paying for it?


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