URGENT: Tell Lords to Stop #NHS backdoor #privatisation

February 25, 2013

From: Going To Work – from the TUC <contact@goingtowork.org.uk>

Date: 25 February 2013 14:19

Subject: URGENT: Help stop NHS privatisation by the back door

Please help lobby a crucial Lords committee over a new NHS privatisation threat

Last year, the government succeeded in forcing the controversial Health and Social Care Bill through Parliament. The opposition to it was so strong, from NHS professionals and patients alike, that they had to make a number of promises on how they would approach it.

Crucially, ministers promised that that the new commissioning groups would not have to open up all services to markets and privatisation, and that local people would have the final say on who provided their services.

But now, the government have laid before Parliament the regulations they plan to use to implement the act. They contain new requirements for most commissioning by the National Commissioning Board (NCB) and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to be done through competitive markets.

Under the new regulations for Section 75 of the bill, a contract can only be awarded to an NHS provider without competition in an “emergency” or technically restricted circumstances, even if that’s what the CCG and local people want for their service. If CCGs do not comply, the regulations give watchdog Monitor the power to enforce privatisation procedures.

These regulations will pass into law on 1 April unless enough of us make it clear we do not agree.

The first opportunity to challenge them is at the Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee in the Lords. Their job is to scrutinise regulations to see if they match the aims of the original legislation, and their help could be vital in exposing and overturning this attempt to force privatisation of our local health services.

But time is of the essence. The Committee are meeting soon and need their evidence submitted by noon on Tuesday 26 February. Please help us lobby the committee about why it’s so important to reject this attempt to sneak privatisation into the new NHS regulations.

Add your comments to our submission now.


Latest from Whittington Hospital campaign, 21 Feb

February 21, 2013

From: Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition <defendwhittington@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2013 19:48
Subject: Whitt meeting, lobby, demo and help!

Hi Everyone,

1. Invitation from Whittington Board to “discuss’ the proposals on Monday 25th February
We expect this to be an occasion where once again the Board of the Whittington attempt to convince the Whittington community that their sell-off plans are in the best interests of the Trust and our health needs. This is not the case. We need proper hospital facilities and enough beds to meet needs. There have been recent red alerts with not enough hospital beds as it is, and their current bed occupancy of 94% is at an unsafe level.
They have said publicly that they do not intend to withdraw their plans to sell off the buildings, cut beds (we think from 420 to 177) and to slash jobs by 570 and to develop community health resources instead. We welcome health improvements but not at the expense of losing beds, wards, buildings and jobs.
That is why we are planning to

2 Lobby the Board Meeting and request that they withdraw their proposals. They have never consulted on these proposals and did not even discuss them at the last Board meeting, which voted to accept them. We understand that this sidelined the elected Governors (who have kept very quiet about this). So please join us on Wednesday, if you can, and tell the Board what you think of their plans tp decimate our hospital.Leaflet attached

3 Demonstration 16th March. Assemble 11.30 Highbury Corner, Holloway Road. This will be our community’s opportunity to show, en masse, that we want to STOP THE SELL OFF! Leaflet attached

HELP! Please
To build effectively please ;et everyone know by
i)    Tweeting @dwhcoalition
ii)    Leafleting See below and join the teams. Let is know, too if you can help
iii)   Stewarding we will tell everyone what the jobs are for stewards and how to do them! We desperately needs stewards. Please let us know if you can help
iv)   Organisational help This has become a huge organisational challenge and we welcome more helpers on board, in addition to the above tasks. If you have some hours spare and can help, please email
v)    Donations will be very gratefully received. Please make cheques to Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition, and send to Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition, c/o Whittington Community Centre, Yerbury Road, London N19
vi)    Petitions Please sign the online petition from the link below and use the paper one on stalls etc, available on our website – http://www.dwhc.org.uk <http://www.dwhc.org.uk>

Shops and Tube Station Leafleting for the Lobby and Demo

We want to leaflet shopping areas this Saturday and local tube stations after work next week – please get in touch if you can take leaflets to start a session – we’ll find people to join you.

We would like to leaflet key shopping areas at 12noon – 1pm on Saturday.

  • Can you help in Archway / Kentish Town / Holloway Nags Head / Finsbury Park / Wood Green shops?

We want to leaflet tube stations 5.30 – 6.30pm on Monday – Wednesday next week.

  • Can you help cover Archway, Tufnell Park, Kentish Town, Highbury & Islington, Holloway Road, Finsbury Park, Wood Green and Highgate?

With best wishes and thanks for your continued support

Shirley Franklin
Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition
http://www.dwhc.org.uk <http://www.dwhc.org.uk>


Please sign the petition to stop the Whittington Hospital Sell-off!

Get involved – #Whittington Stop the Sell Off

February 19, 2013

LEAFLET IHOOPS DWHC, Lobby, 13-02-27

The next round of actions for the Whittington Stop the Sell Off Campaign was organised at a Defend the Whittington Hospital Coaliton planning meeting on Monday 18 February. The campaign activity comes after the very successful 12 February public meeting.

The actions are:

  • Wednesday 27 February, 1.30-5pm: lobby of the Hospital Board at the Whittington (opposite the old A&E entrance)
    A big turnout is needed to show the board the public view on the proposed sale of hospital facilities and the cuts.
  • 16 March: Demonstration up Holloway Road to the Whittington
    Lots of activity is needed to build for this including the distribution of 40,000 leaflets across Islington, Camden and Haringay and beyond.

Please watch the Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition website to see where and when you can get involved, www.dwhc.org.uk


February 15, 2013

From: Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition <defendwhittington@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2013
Subject: Report back – the Stop the Sell-off campaign escalates

Hi Everyone


Over 550 people filled Archway Methodist Hall, three overspill rooms and the foyer on Tuesday night. The hospital Board were unable to convince us that their proposals to sell off the site, sack 570 staff and reduce the beds from 330 to 177 (despite recent red alerts regarding overoccupancy) are acceptable, and the meeting called for the proposals to be dropped. What is happening at our hospital would impact on other hospitals in the locality if the proposals went ahead, and hospitals across London are also being decimated.

So we have to up the ante….

We are already part of the London-wide coalition ‘Defend London’s NHS’, launched this week, and the save the hospitals campaigns. This Saturday is a London Day of Action. We are also calling for a London and national demonstration to save our health service.

The Public Meeting was a very complicated one to organise, and we want to say a big, big thankyou to all the people who volunteered as stewards on the night, they played a major role in helping it to run so smoothly.

Saturday 16th February is a Day of Action to save London hospitals, please let us know if you would like to join a stall at Nags Head near Morrisons at 12 noon.

Monday 18th February 7.30pm, Archway Methodist Hall (downstairs room), Archway Close, N19 3TD
Campaign Planning Meeting

We would like participants from every group – neighbourhood, political, campaign, healthworkers including consultants, trade union, patients…
Donations from organisations will be gratefully received at this meeting

This is planned for Saturday 16th March, and is currently being negotiated with TFL, the local and Met police and Islington council.

Watch this space for further information about London and NHS demonstrations!

If anyone has any further questions for us or the board, please email them to us.

A big thankyou to the local and national press and TV for the coverage they have given to the campaign, which has really helped us to build awareness of it.

We look forward to seeing you at our activites to Stop the Sell-off!

Shirley Franklin
Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition
http://www.dwhc.org.uk <http://www.dwhc.org.uk/>


Packed meeting calls for a halt to Whittington sell off

February 13, 2013
  • No sell off demo planned for 16 March
  • Campaigners to picket 17 February hospital board meeting

Whittington Hospital’s proposed property sell off could lead to a private health business replacing it, a former health minister has warned.

Camden MP and Labour’s ex-health secretary, Frank Dobson, speculated during the meeting on 12 February that a US health business could  buy up part of the Whittington.

PIC IHOOPS DWHC Archway meeting 13-02-12

Packed meeting rejected Whittington Hospital board claims

He was speaking at the Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition’s a 500-strong meeting at Archway Methodist Church called to oppose a shock plan to sell up to one third of the hospital’s land and buildings.

Frank Dobson said: “Who is going to buy the land? The land’s been designated for use for health facilities. We will get a private, American health company who will buy it and then build a hospital.”

He also said: “The Whittington is the safest hospital in England. This might have something to do with the fact that it has a high number of staff to its patients. Yet, in seeking to qualify for foundation status, it is reducing its staff to the national norm.”

Tottenham MP David Lammy passionately warned that a few years in the future with  a smaller, less viable Whittington, arguments could be made that it  should be merged with another hospital.

Islington MP Jeremy Corbyn told the meeting he examined the pages and pages of proposals. He warned that bed numbers would be cut by half to 177 and staff could be reduced by between 300 and 500.

He confirmed that planning regulations designated the hospital land for use for health services only but he also reflected fears that the land could be used for luxury flats.

Hospital board chairman Joe Liddane admitted to the meeting that they botched their communications and pledged to hold meetings with the public to explain all.

He claimed that public health would be improved through spending sell off proceeds on maternity services and an increase in care in the community made better by medical advances.

He was backed by board members at the meeting and one GP, from the audience, who pleaded that managers were doing their best to keep the hospital in the NHS.

But most speakers from local associations and hospital campaigns in London rejected the proposal. Islington MP, Emily Thornberry and council leader, Catherine West, stressed that the local community loved the Whittington.

Speakers from the Save Lewisham Hospital, the Camden’s defend health services campaign  and local author and political commentator Owen Jones, called for mass demos, occupation and strike action. Coalition chair, Shirley Franklyn attacked the lack of consultation fo the decision and called for a picket of the next hospital board meeting due for 17 February.

The meeting overwhelming supported a call to the managers to halt the sell off and backed a planned protest march on 16 March.

Boycott libraries self service

February 10, 2013

Alan Wylie      10 February 2013

The Islington Libraries Unison Stewards are preparing a press release about their concerns about the implementation of self serve and the lack of public consultation and choice.

We will be asking for community support and in particular we will be asking that library users show support for library workers by boycotting self serve!

Communication from DWHC, 8 Feb.

February 9, 2013

From: Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition <defendwhittington@gmail.com>

Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2013 21:36:34 +0000

Subject: Update and activities

Hi Everyone

We have been busy, busy, busy, preparing the campaign to fight against the nasty sell-off and the massive cuts to hospital jobs and services that the sell-off involves.


1.     Meeting Tuesday 12th February  at 7.30, Archway Methodist Hall. Leaflet attached. Please distribute widely.

SO many people have told us they coming that we are preparing to have an overflow meeting outside, with a PA system – so please bring warm clothes. We will reserve seats for disabled and elderly inside.  There will be room for others.

Because this is going to be big and complicated, WE DESPERATELY NEED STEWARDS. If you can help us please email us asap, so that we can send you stewarding details.

Dr  Koh, the Chief Executive of the hospital will tells us her plans for the hospital – or should we say grandiose health centre –  and she will be answering questions from the floor.   Jeremy Corbyn has it in writing from her that any hospital worker who attends and speaks at this meeting will not be disciplined.

There is a range of speakers at this meeting. We are a coalition of patients, hospital staff, local groups, political parties and trade unions. The MPs on the platform are all Labour party MPs, because that is whom we have elected – apart from Lynne Featherstone, whom we understand does not  necessarily oppose the sell-off and is a Cabinet member for this Government who are responsible for the NHS cuts and damaging health legislation.

2.    Planning Meeting Monday 18th February 7.30 Archway Methodist Church

The campaign will need participation from local people and groups. Please ensure that your group/trade union/party is represented at this meeting.

3.    Lobby of the Hospital Board Meeting Wednesday 27th February 2-5pm

We will be asking the Board to withdraw the decisions about the sell-off.  The Board Meeting is at the Whittington Education Centre (behind the Jenner Building).  This is a building that looks as if it’s up for demolition/sale!

4.     DEMO!!!!  – if the Board do not rescind the sell-off and cuts decisions. Saturday 16th March. The route we are planning we hope will go along the Holloway Road and rally outside the Whittington Hospital. Keep this date in your diaries! (And let us know if you would like to help steward it.)

5.     Please continue to send meeting leaflet to everyone you know and ask them to sign the petition. You could organise your own leafleting and petitioning activities. (Leaflet attached). PDF of Petition is also on our website.

6.     Do put the attached poster up on your window!


Shirley Franklin


Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition

http://www.dwhc.org.uk <http://www.dwhc.org.uk&gt;