Meeting next week

Islington trades unionists and anti-cuts campaigners will be meeting next week to build maximum support in Islington for up to 3 million public sector workers likely to be striking on Wednesday 30 November in defence of their pensions.

The meeting, called by IHOOPS (Islington Hands Off Our Public Services), will also be discussing how those of us who use the borough’s libraries can unite with the staff who work in them to resist cuts in the service imposed on the Council by the Conservative and Lib Dem Coalition government.

IHOOPS spokesperson, Ken Muller, said:

“After it was revealed last week that the directors of the top hundred companies in the UK paid themselves a 49% pay increase last year, we want to hear no more from the likes of Cameron and Osborne that we are all in this together. It is disgusting that, when the Tories’ fat cat friends are continuing to live it up on their bonuses, the rest of us – not just in the public sector, but in the private sector too – are being told to pay more and work longer for substantially reduced pensions. It is equally disgusting that they are depriving the 99% of ordinary people of important services like libraries at a time when they are doing nothing about the £120 billion in taxes avoided or evaded by the rich every year. The Tories and their millionaire friends must be laughing all the way to the bank. They will not be smiling on 30 November.”

For further information, contact: Ken Muller on 07950075088.


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