An Invitation to attend the Islington People’s Assembly

Dear IHOOPS Supporter,

We would like to invite you to attend the Islington Peoples Assembly on Saturday Sept 17th, 12.30pm-5pm, at Caxton House, St John’s way, N19 3RQ.

We hope this is an opportunity for people to come together to discuss how to stop the government’s devastating cuts.

We have an excellent range of speakers, including: Kevin Courtney, Deputy General Secretary, NUT: Dr Brar, NHS surgeon and campaigner; and Weyman Bennett, Joint Secretary, Unite Against Fascism.

We also want the Assembly to be an opportunity to discuss an alternative to cuts and austerity. The workshops will aim to produce an alternative sets of demands for Islington.

We hope the Assembly will bring together many different people who are affected by the cuts, are campaigning against them and have ideas about the alternative to them. We hope you are able to attend.


12.30-13.00 – Opening and Keynote speakers (including Ellie O’Hagan from UK Uncut, Jeremy Corbyn MP and Costas Lapavitsas from SOAS)

13.00-13.45 – Debate, ‘How should we organise to defend our local services and jobs’ (with Council leader Catherine West and IHOOPS activist Suzanne Jeffery)

13.45-14.45 – Workshops:

– Education for All: schools, colleges and universities

– Decent Pensions for All: the Fight for Dignity in Old Age

– The Attack on the NHS and Mental Health Services: Keep the NHS Public

– Housing: How the Cuts are Breaking Up Communities

– Attacks on Disability Benefits and Services: How to Resist

– One Million Climate Jobs: Solving the Environmental and Economic Crises

– The Cuts, Racism and Homophobia: the Fight for Equality

– Arts and leisure: Why the Cuts are No Fun

14.45-15.15 – Break (refreshments will be available)

15.15-16.15 – Reports from workshops

16.15-17.00 – Build an Islington People’s Manifesto from the results of the workshops, and Closing Speakers (including John McDonnell MP and Dot Gibson from the National Pensioners Convention)

To register in advance email:

Find the event on Facebook here:


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