Update on the national demo against the EDL

Important – New assembly point
The  corner of Vallance Road and Whitechapel Road, London E1 (near East London Mosque) Islington UAF supporters, trade unionists, IHOOPS activists etc are meeting at 10.30am @ Highbury & Islington tube to travel to the assembly point. Please bring banners.

UAF and United East End is calling on antiracists and antifascists across the country to mobilise for the demo against the English Defence League in Tower Hamlets, for this Saturday 3 September.

The leader of the English Defence League has confirmed that the EDL intends to go ahead with its planned demo in Tower Hamlets on Saturday 3rd September. EDL leader Stephen Yaxley Lennon (AKA “Tommy Robinson”) told BBC London his group would “still show up” in the multiracial, multicultural London borough, despite the home secretary’s ban on marching. He said: “We’ll have a static demonstration and we’ll have our voices heard,” he told BBC London.

On its facebook page the racist organisation said:  Tower Hamlets demo is NOT banned. What they have done is banned our ‘march’ but we WILL still have a static demo. Remember that we have to walk to ‘muster points’ and from those muster points we have to walk to the demo area.

The EDL’s statement makes it clear why we need the biggest possible mobilisation for the antiracist counter-demo called by UAF and United East End for Saturday 3rd September

 Speaking at a UAF/United East End meeting hosted by Tower Hamlets Trade Unions, CWU general secretary Billy Hayes said:

‘I’m proud of our union’s association with UAF and we are sponsoring the event on 3 September.  We need everyone out on Saturday, as many people as we can. We’ll be out in great numbers and we’ll push back the EDL on Saturday’.

 Sign the petition 

UAF also believes it is wrong for the home secretary to have extended the ban on marching to all organisations. It is appalling that the government is treating antiracists and the host of trade unions, local community organisations and faith groups in Tower Hamlets in the same way as the racists and fascists of the EDL.

Please sign the petition, and pass on the link – http://is.gd/sept3petition – to everyone you know.

See you there



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