Stop the EDL – Tower Hamlets – 3rd September

IHOOPS officially supports the march against the EDL on the 3rd September.

The EDL – a racist and Islamophobic organisation – is planning to march through the Tower Hamlets borough on the 3rd September.  Given the recent atrocities in Norway, opposition to the EDL is of even greater importance. The links between Breivik and the EDL have been made clear.  Not only has Breivik publically stated that he was inspired by the EDL, but numerous members of the EDL have voiced their support of his actions. One EDL supporter defended Breivik claiming “This man is no terrorist, he is a soldier in the war against Islam. God bless him”.

The EDL’s attempts to stir up racist hatred against Muslims in the multicultural, multiracial East End of London have been met with a wave of condemnation from across Tower Hamlets’ diverse community and beyond.

Last year, 5,000 people marched through the East End to oppose the EDL – even though the EDL had already been forced to cancel their own event, admitting that it would be “a suicide mission” in multicultural Tower Hamlets.

Unite Against Facism (UAF), who have called the demo, have stated “we want a huge turnout in Tower Hamlets to deal a more decisive blow to the EDL and its poisonous racist ideas.”  The only way to stop racism is to confront it head on.


Assemble from 11am, Weavers Fields, London E2 6HW
Saturday 3 September


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