Islington Arts and Media School teachers on strike today

Islington Arts and Media School (IAAMS) was closed today as a result of strike action by teachers, called by their union in response to a decision by school management to make four of them compulsory redundant.

Thirty IAAMS teachers picketed the school, supported by parents and colleagues from other Islington schools. (See attached pic.) NUT National Executive Committee member, Alex Kenny, addressed the picketing teachers, congratulating them for making a stand in defence of their colleagues and the standards of education provided to their students. He also told them that a Regional Delegation from the NUT would seek a meeting with IAAMS management in order to seek a resolution of the dispute which did not involve sacking teachers.

“If we do not get an assurance that all threats of compulsory redundancy will be withdrawn,” Mr Kenny told the pickets, “then further, more extended action is likely to be called after the half term holiday.” Teachers at IAAMS distributed letters to parents explaining their case earlier in the week and plan to hold a public meeting for staff and parents if management refuse to withdraw the sackings.


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