Solidarity With London Metropolitan University: Education Not Privatisation

London Met is facing massive central government funding cuts.This is resulting in massive, and imminent change to the University as we know it. 70% of all courses are being cut, including very established courses such as History, Philosophy, Modern Languages, Performing Arts and Trade Union Studies, all of which have a long and rich tradition at London Met. These course closures are in addition to more than 100 redundancies already announced this year, which include the closure of the Learning Development Unit.

This amounts to a wholesale attack on the provision of open access, community, education, which London Met, like UNL and PNL before it, has been offering to a diverse community of people, from all ages and often from disadantaged backgrounds. London Met is likely to morph into a Business Studies-focussed, no frills institution offering greatly reduced services and support at a much higher price.

Key Dates to support the fight:
Wednesday 4th May
–  London Met resistance meeting 1-2pm, Room GC1-08
–  Lobby outside Tower Building, Holloway Road to save HALE, 2-3pm
–  Evening open meeting with NCAFC to discuss and plan the next phase of national resistance, 6-8pm, Room GC1-08 (Graduate Centre, via main entrance, Holloway Road)

Tuesday 3rd May – Friday 6th May
–  All day presence in the courtyard at Tower Building with a stall to build links with the students and workers there and promote the 7th May Teach-In.

Saturday 7th May
–  Education not Privatisation, 10am-4pm Teach-In: A day of alternative education at London Met, Open to all. No child care facilities, sorry! A teach-in at LondonMet University for and by workers, students and the community.

There is an ideological attack on the publicly-funded university and access to higher
education for working people. In response, staff and students in universities have been holding their own teach-ins looking at education that is not for the market as an alternative to the Con-Dem’s proposals for education for the rich. Come and join our teach-in on Saturday May 7th at the Graduate Centre, London Met University, Holloway Road, 10.00-4.00 followed by social celebrating winning the London Living Wage for all
workers at LondonMet.

Wednesday 18th May
–  Lobby the Board of Governors meeting. Demonstration outside Tower Building, Holloway Road from 12noon.

Wednesday 22nd June
–  Lobby the Board of Governors meeting – this meeting is when they finalise what’s going to be cut. Demonstration outside Tower Building, Holloway Road from 12noon. Location and Time TBC.


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