Why We’re Marching Tomorrow

People Power.

It was February last year Islington held a colourful and wonderful march in Holloway Road to the islingtons much loved hospital the Whittington. This was organised by a collective which was a broad alliance of People coming together under the name of Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition.This was organised to save the A&E and maternity Departments from Closing which would have seen the fate of the future of the hospital..Islington folk some of them who felt strong about their local hospital, some of whom never marched before,came out on the demonstration, some 5,000 strong in a strength of People Power.

Vultures waiting on the Birch

We are marching Tomorrow to protest against this Governments ideological driven attempt to destroy our Public services, NHS and welfare State..They have just announced 250 nursing jobs on Barts to be made redundant………such is the Nerve of this Con Dem Government,who will cutback on secure jobs and essential services, while the Tories allies in corporate multi national companies, will be like vultures sitting on the birch waiting to cherry pick in a bonanza of privatisation. WE ARE HAVING NONE OF IT

Ragged Trousered & Angry

100 years ago this week , Robert Tressell died in Liverpool infirmary from TB..(a disease which was prominent amongst the poor), some years earlier who wrote his semi biographical book, The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists . The title of which was a twist on the Philanthropists that were prominent before the foundation of the welfare Stat in 1945.The book tells a tale of Builders who renovate a Grand House….some of the workers accept their plight in life, as they new their station in life, and were to challenge,or improve their education was “not for the likes of us…..In the book we see the workers families,one mother going starving in order to feed her children..The book for me explains clearly why it is necessary that we have the very existence of public services, a NHS and a welfare state. Our Community, Our Society Not ThiersWe are at a watershed now…..

Do we want a Government to slice up everything that we have achieved as a society since the end of the second world war.Do we want to live in an existence, where we are isolated, individualistic,competing for lower wages and conditions,in a cost cutting agenda of essential services in housing health education (just to name a few)Or do we want to live in a collective society, with Pride and Dignity and the respct with which all Pele deserve. These are the questions we should be raising to people who are unsure. Democracy is not just about putting an X in a booth every 5 years, its about are involvement, in our community,workplace and environment…That’s why we are marching in Islington Tommorow….. Come and join us Tomorrow , Join together, Protest against these Unnecassary cuts which the Tories (and lets be blunt it is a Tory Government )with unfinished business from the Thatcher years…..

Come and join us , like at the website for further information http://www.ihoops.org.uk


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