Jobs To Be Relocated From the Office Of The Public Guardian

Recently, the Chief Executive has announced that 177 jobs in the Office of the Public Guardian are due to be relocated to the Axis building in Birmingham. Unfortunately, staff will have little option as they will either accept relocation or face compulsory redundancy of which is very likely during this Comprehensive Spending Review.

Yet, this policy is hardly a cost saving exercise. Already, a minimum of 22 million will be squandered on relocation costs and there are plans to increase the fees of our mentally incapacitated clients in order to meet any spiralling debts. Only mere superficial consultation was made with the local PCS Union and none of us were informed of these costs as well as options for other sites such as Croydon. As a result, PCS is now in a dispute and the matter has been taken forward to ACAS.

Our local MP, Jeremy Corbyn, has introduced an Early Day Motion, asking for the government to relocate our staff to the Royal Courts of Justice. Such a move would be a cost saving measure. It would end the payment for the leasehold in Archway Tower and reduce energy costs to the environment, especially in relation to telephony expenses unlike the site in Birmingham. No doubt, this situation is worrying as many of our mentally incapacitated clients in London will have a devalued service with the use of inefficient call centres in the Midlands. Your support would be greatly appreciated.


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